27 January 2009

Remember the quiz on Friday. Remember to look at the “Study Guide” for test preparation info. Do it!

Warm up —


The Template in Action

We are working with the template — description, interpretation, analysis, evaluation, research. We will watching the film excerpt below. We will then discuss  the template  — not the video — and then divide the class into groups.


Each group will take on the whole template but then “present” their views on only one aspect of the template: description, for instance, or evaluation. One person from each group may use a computer to research any question that comes up during this process. The designated research er will use their personal sign-in to the computer and the local password, which is masscomm. After each presentation, I will explore the presenter’s answers, along with questioning members of the group. Presentations will be made by the entire group.

History –

We saw Negroponte in the “60 Minutes” introduction to his product. Here’s his actual product as it goes out to children in Colombia:


We have to begin thinking about Google — here are the creators, central figures in modern mass comm —



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