3 February 2009

Warm up  – Level I & II


[possible — The future of newspapers — in Japanese


Level II — 

Let’s watch this documentary — and see if we can’t describe the shots and relate the shots to the camera work we did yesterday. 



Level I –

Distribute article — On the tabs above, there is the “Readings” section, which contains an article about corporations and their responsibilities.  I will pass out a copy in class. Think about these questions as you read. 

1. A corporation is has a legal duty to serve whose interests?

2. And what is that duty? 

3. Why does a corporation not concern itself with human rights?

4. What happens when the public interest and corporate interests are different?

5. Big corporations own media. Look at this document:


6. What does it tell us about media? 

Do you remember yesterday what we talked about Rupert Murdoch? Watch this video:


7. Is it fair to make a connection between media consolidation, the legal responsibilities of corporations to their shareholders, and conflicts with the public interest?

7A. Do you remember this man — Closer — Rupert Murdoch — Georgetown U. lecture: 


8. Even on the evening news?



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