4 February 2009

Level I and Level II – warmup – green transportation


Level II




Show dinosaur film, discuss treatment… get them thinking about the film they want to make.

Level I

Discuss — The Corporation and the media. Are we safe?

1. A corporation has a legal duty to serve whose interests?

2. And what is that duty? 

3. Why does a corporation not concern itself with human rights?

4. What happens when the public interest and corporate interests are different?

5. Big corporations own media. Look at this document:


6. What does it tell us about media? 

7. Is it fair to make a connection between media consolidation, the legal responsibilities of corporations to their shareholders, and conflicts with the public interest?

8. What did the story about Fox TV tell us?

9. Watch three segments of This Frontline and be prepared to compare and contrast the video that we saw that was so critical of FOX TV


Discuss each segment in light of the effects of corporate consolidation of the media, and government pressure…

  • Do you think government officials might only try to influence to editors?
  • Is it possible that government officials might also call owners to try to influence them?
  • What if the corporate board tried to influence the editorial content of the press?
  • Is that bad?
  • What defense does the press have?
  • Would it be in the interest of the corporate board to create problems for certain writers or editors in order to eliminate them?
  • Is press freedom in jeopardy?
  • Why would that matter?

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