6 February 2009

Opener — how to make it in TV —


Level I –

Finish watching “Broadcast News” and write a review based on this week’s study of how media consolidation and corporate obligation affect the public interest. Your in-class review, which will be graded —  will open with this sentence:

“This is a humorous movie about the fall of American journalism, as told through and on-again off-again love affair between, Jane, played by Holly Hunter and, Tom, played by William Hurt…” 

Level II –

Reminder. Monday you will be making a video modeled on the sequence we watched on Lynda.com about a woman approaching her car, taking out her keys, getting in the car, adjusting the heater, starting up, backing out and driving away. The purpose? To teach you that before you begin a film, you  have to know how to edit, to create a shot list, etc. Remember the slogan, “movies get made in post [production].”

Also – please sign on to the web page — http://www.48hourfilm.com/ — Look it over. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter. Watch the film: “Who is Burt Didier?” http://www.48.tv/bin/index.cfm/id/4fec0fad-82ed-475b-b059-8c8ab177a97e

Also – Begin signing on regularly to www.videomaker.com A copy of the site’s magazine is in our library. Please look it over. Read the site and the magazine to learn about equipment, contests and video opportunities. Then check out the videos the magazine/site has presented with awards: http://www.videomaker.com/video/contest-winners/2007/ The point of the exercise is to begin thinking about the films you want to make and propose next week, 9 February.

 Period one will work in these crews:

1. Daniel, Maria, Carmille

2. Katy, Jojo, Seth,

3. Matthew, Jason Kareem

4. Lawrence, Sai, Umair

Period three will work in these crews:

1. Donovan, Lee Anne, Nate

2. “E,” Zoe, Rod

3. Tony, Chris, Patrick, Erik

4. Bryan, Jonothan, Mia, Breaugh

5. Ruth, Joseph, Teddy


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