19 February 2009

Open — Scratch!


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Level II, Period One

Watch “Citizen Kane,” and review it by end of day Friday.  Do not  tell me if the film is good or bad, but describe to me those elements that have made this film an international classic.  You may use the computers in the class for research about “Citizen Kane,” but you must cite your research. (If you invoke a computer game while doing research, you will lose 15 points from your grade.)

Level I, Period Two — and Level II

We will screen “War Dance.” Take detailed notes on the film as you watch, describing characters, use of camera, scenes and location. Why is this film entitled “War Dance.” Be prepared to explain in your notes why this film was nominated for an Academy Award. You will hand this in to me Friday. I will not accept papers unless they are handed in Friday. The paper is your responsibility. Do not hand it to me Thursday. If I do not receive it Friday, it will be graded zero.

Level II, Period Three

Those people who have not completed their treatments must finish them and email them to me, or place them on a thumb drive and present them to me.

You will then present your treatment to the class for discussion. Be prepared to take notes and refine your treatment in order to retype it and present it to me for approval.

“Citizen Kane”


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