24 February 2009

Opener — Let’s use mass comm to feed the world –

We must win 50 grains before we can move on.


First Period Level II

Complete treatment as discussed yesterday — format and formula. Groups with video should edit, do selects and plan day’s shoot. Remember to guard your tapes!

Second Period Level I

Compare Sally Heckel’s film with Canadian explorer video for content and style.

Homework assignment — choose a short film or documentary (genre doesn’t matter) from either source below. You will be asked to explain your decision. Grades will range from 1-5. Missed assignment will result in a zero.

http://www.nfb.ca/film/ or


Third Period Level II

Edit and re-shoot if necessary, the car exercise. Be aware, the exercise will be graded.


8 Responses

  1. Since I was not here the day that this opener was introduced to the class, I’m not sure I understand it very well. The purpose, it seems to me is to expand the students’ vocabulary and feed hungry people around the world. So then, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to produce more combined rice from our class if we were to split up into groups make 50 grains of rice for each group? Instead of all of the students only producing 50 grains of rice as a group, individually we could make a minimum of about 400 grains in only ten minutes of class time. Also, this technique would most likely keep it’s educational purpose due to the fact that our 1st period class is a hard working and responsible group of kids.

    Please take this into consideration, Mr. Shear.
    -Thanks, Seth!

    • Seth, I totally agree. Great idea! Tomorrow, we’ll group around computers first thing, instead of of going to our seats as usual. I’ll go to my computer on the projector. We each collect the rice and do our part. When we see how that goes, we can then tweak it, if we have to, so that it gets better and we do better. Good thinking. How’s the project coming?

  2. You said recently in class that you never saw any true humor. So if you have the time please watch this and tell me or the whole class what you think of it.

    • Actually, what I was trying to say was that creating real humor is difficult. And yes, definitely, it is amusing to watch people and characters change, as in the URL you sent. Cool. Perhaps that’s part of the secret of humor. But we should have a rule: We want people to laugh WITH us and not AT us.

  3. Mr. shear,
    I went to the gmail account to complete the assignment tonight and no mail was posted that described the assignment. Maybe it’s just my computer? Maybe you didnt send out the mail yet? I’ll keep checking.

    • It should be there at gmail.com — username: jhslevel3productions and password jordanmasscomm

  4. Mr. Shear,
    Hello again. I found the assignment, however, I am unsure of how to change my response into a word document. i did reply by email but still cannot fully complete the assignment because I am rendured unable to find the word document feature.

    • Try hitting the download button, but don’t be overly concerned. As long as you replied by email, that’s a start. We’ll raise this issue in class tomorrow and work it out.

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