31 March 09

Check out this interesting new search engine: http://www.powerset.com/

Level II, Period One and Three —

Consider overarching class project…

Volunteers for Mr. Lyerly’s class

Work on finishing PSAs and developing one-minute commercials

Level I, Period Two —

Robert Flaherty’s 1922 film “Nanook” defined documentaries (before the word was in use for film) as “telling and interpreting” the story of his subject. His next film in 1925 “Moana” drew critics who defined his work as a “documentary” (using the word for the first time to describe a film) and said it was the “creative treatment of [reality].” Discussion the distinction (if there is one) between the terms… we’ll elaborate on this in class. And then consider the definitions of docuemtaries in light of “objectivity.” Do those tems illuminate and explain the documentaries we’ve watched in class. Do they qualify or disqualify any of those films as “documentaries.”


30 March 09


All classes — some oberservations on documentaries:


25 March 2009

Level I, Period Two —

Watch final of four documentaries and consider these questions:

o – What makes a film a “true” documentary, as opposed to a staged production?

o – Discuss whether a documentary film should have a point of view (define, point of view)?

o – What is the difference between bias and point of view?

o – Name one documentary with which you are familiar and consider it in light of the three questions above.


What is a documentary film — what Google says :






Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Durham — “A Festival like this offers a sustained, concentrated exposure to the sheer emotional power of documentary filmmaking, its ability to communicate the drama embedded in human experience. In Durham last weekend, you could walk into the stately dark of the Carolina Theatre and lose yourself in real life.”

—A.O. Scott of The New York Times



Level II, Period One and Three —

Public Service Annoucements —

Complete PSAs for grade.

Critique and comment on classmate’s work.

Critique your own work.

Next assignment phase —

You have some choices that we will consider as a class.

You can create a podcast or vcast for your blog.

You must come up with a treatment for a one-minute commercial advertising Jordan High School.

We will consider an overarching assignment (at least in period one) in which the entire class can break down into units to make a long film with full production values.

23 March 09

Warm up — Have a glass of water and count your blessings — The WWW keeps us in touch with the W(orld):



Level I, Period Two —

1. Discuss email clients — There’s a name for the web page (or web service) that brings you your email. It’s called a client. Which one do you use? Here’s the biggest ever study of worldwide email client usage: http://tinyurl.com/dnfld5 

2. What’s going on with blogs — why don’t I have a list of blogs from everyone… Here are the people who owe me blogs:

3. Educational Media — What works in education. Be prepared to discuss this film: http://tinyurl.com/5uyjh7

Would you prefer testing to  projects?

What projects could we do in this class?

What about your graduation projects? 

4. Documentaries – “Africa Extreme” – Megatransect and the Network Tent Pole

What’s a tent pole? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tent_pole_programming

Megatransect – http://www.nationalgeographic.com/congotrek/

“Africa Extreme” the actual work in progress…

6. Textbook – please read page 158 “Digital TV and the End of Analog.”


6. Continue… page 196 “The Wires and Satellites Behind Cable Television.”

Discuss how it works…


18 March 09 — Early Out Day

Level II, Periods One and Three —

Discuss podcasting –

Discuss and describe progress on PSA videos.


Level I, Period Two —

Critique student 48-hour film choices…

16 March 09

Level II, Period One —



Some movies you guys picked out: 

http://ww2.48.tv/bin/index.cfm     from Jamina

10 March 09

Start with some fun!!!


also — remember the three-year-old girl we saw who could do Rubic’s cube in 114 seconds? Here’s a man who can do it with his nose! http://tinyurl.com/bqcxt4

Level Two Periods One and Three

New Rules: All music on videos must come from Garage Band. No iPods or iTunes!

Level One Period Two

Blog about this quote: “To convince anyone of anything, you have to start from where they are. This is why listening is the key to influence.

Listen by darrendraper.

The blog continued:

http://shearsstudents.wordpress.com/ and check out jhslevel3productions@gmail.com

And let me remind you:

1. We’re on Facebook. Join in and add your image to level3productions.

2. We’re on YouTube. Let’s shoot and post at (guess what?) level3productions.

3. Don’t forget that the class has email now at jhslevel3productions@gmail.com, and you could bet that we’re going to be digging in as individuals in class to google.docs, google.reader, etc.

4. And  then there’s this: go and log in. We’ll discuss in class. Go to: http://mywebspiration.com/

Here, you must sign in and set up your personal account.