2 or 3 March 2009


We have a class email account:

user name: JHSLevel3Productions

p/w: Jordanmasscomm

Opener —

Let’s use mass comm to feed the world again today – http://www.freerice.com — Five minute race to get the most vocabulary words for the most grains of rice.


What is Twitter, and why might it be more useful to students than Facebook?



Level II, Periods One and Three 

Monday or Tuesday – Handout “The ‘Grammar’ of Television and Film? Read and prepare for test Wednesday or Thursday.

Continue with film projects.


Level I, Period Two

New Tech — Cool software


Show it allows students to loan “stuff” to each other.

Now that we’ve worked at this notion of Mass Communication for eight weeks, how would you define it? Let’s arrive at a class definition of Mass Communication: