10 March 09

Start with some fun!!!


also — remember the three-year-old girl we saw who could do Rubic’s cube in 114 seconds? Here’s a man who can do it with his nose! http://tinyurl.com/bqcxt4

Level Two Periods One and Three

New Rules: All music on videos must come from Garage Band. No iPods or iTunes!

Level One Period Two

Blog about this quote: “To convince anyone of anything, you have to start from where they are. This is why listening is the key to influence.

Listen by darrendraper.

The blog continued:

http://shearsstudents.wordpress.com/ and check out jhslevel3productions@gmail.com

And let me remind you:

1. We’re on Facebook. Join in and add your image to level3productions.

2. We’re on YouTube. Let’s shoot and post at (guess what?) level3productions.

3. Don’t forget that the class has email now at jhslevel3productions@gmail.com, and you could bet that we’re going to be digging in as individuals in class to google.docs, google.reader, etc.

4. And  then there’s this: go and log in. We’ll discuss in class. Go to: http://mywebspiration.com/

Here, you must sign in and set up your personal account.


3 Responses

  1. Hey Everyone,

  2. Hey Everyone,
    (don’t mind that other comment)

    I’ve set up my blog, “On the Box” and you can find it at sethtvan.wordpress.com. Feel free to leave comments about whatever and also a link to your blog.


  3. I appreciate it when students comment on the blog. And advertising a blog of your own here, on this site, is a very good idea.

    I wonder, though, why students don’t go back and look at this page (:Words to Pixels — Where the Truth Lies’) for ideas, for projects to do — create a Scratch program, for example. Or they could comment on a video post here, or one that appears at the 48Hours Film Project, or at the Canadian Film board. This comment section of the website should be used to say something that had not come up in class, or something that should have come up in class but was not discussed. Maybe you’ve got a mass comm idea that should be addressed during an upcoming class. I’m open to suggestions, challenges!

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