9 March 2009

We’ve got a new web presence, and you’ve got to play your role!

1. We’re on Facebook. Join in and add your image to level3productions.

2. We’re on YouTube. Let’s shoot and post at (guess what?) level3productions.

3. Don’t forget that the class has email now at jhslevel3productions@gmail.com, and you could bet that we’re going to be digging in as individuals in class to google.docs, google.reader, etc.

4. And  then there’s this: go and log in. We’ll discuss in class. Go to: http://mywebspiration.com/

Here, you must sign in and set up your personal account.

Level I – Period Two

Remember the template? What do you think this article means? Why is it important?

HEARD ON THE STREET, by Martin Peers
from The Wall Street Journal.

The most recent version of Firefox makes it much easier for Web surfers to
return to a site they’ve previously visited, and that is likely to reduce
the number of search queries per person over time.


Let’s discuss the meaning of the word “culture.” Read page 10 and 11 of textbook and make notes for a discussion.

1. What cultural events did you enjoy over the weekend?

2. Is there a cutlural affect that comes from reading books and newspapers that is different from watching TV? playing video games? YouTube?

3. Do you read articles on the WWW?

Finish the YouTube lecture…. “The History of You Tube”



Level Two, Periods One and Three

Here is an AV script writing template, Find it at our gmail site:



Issues to consider as you make your film: copyright:

Important news about YouTube videos made in class — http://www.youtube.com/t/howto_copyright

and this, too: http://www.videomaker.com/vidcast/155/

What does this mean to us: Spend the class experimenting with “Garage Band.” You don’t need instruments to create original soundtracks. I will assist, sort of.


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