23 March 09

Warm up — Have a glass of water and count your blessings — The WWW keeps us in touch with the W(orld):



Level I, Period Two —

1. Discuss email clients — There’s a name for the web page (or web service) that brings you your email. It’s called a client. Which one do you use? Here’s the biggest ever study of worldwide email client usage: http://tinyurl.com/dnfld5 

2. What’s going on with blogs — why don’t I have a list of blogs from everyone… Here are the people who owe me blogs:

3. Educational Media — What works in education. Be prepared to discuss this film: http://tinyurl.com/5uyjh7

Would you prefer testing to  projects?

What projects could we do in this class?

What about your graduation projects? 

4. Documentaries – “Africa Extreme” – Megatransect and the Network Tent Pole

What’s a tent pole? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tent_pole_programming

Megatransect – http://www.nationalgeographic.com/congotrek/

“Africa Extreme” the actual work in progress…

6. Textbook – please read page 158 “Digital TV and the End of Analog.”


6. Continue… page 196 “The Wires and Satellites Behind Cable Television.”

Discuss how it works…



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