25 March 2009

Level I, Period Two —

Watch final of four documentaries and consider these questions:

o – What makes a film a “true” documentary, as opposed to a staged production?

o – Discuss whether a documentary film should have a point of view (define, point of view)?

o – What is the difference between bias and point of view?

o – Name one documentary with which you are familiar and consider it in light of the three questions above.


What is a documentary film — what Google says :






Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Durham — “A Festival like this offers a sustained, concentrated exposure to the sheer emotional power of documentary filmmaking, its ability to communicate the drama embedded in human experience. In Durham last weekend, you could walk into the stately dark of the Carolina Theatre and lose yourself in real life.”

—A.O. Scott of The New York Times



Level II, Period One and Three —

Public Service Annoucements —

Complete PSAs for grade.

Critique and comment on classmate’s work.

Critique your own work.

Next assignment phase —

You have some choices that we will consider as a class.

You can create a podcast or vcast for your blog.

You must come up with a treatment for a one-minute commercial advertising Jordan High School.

We will consider an overarching assignment (at least in period one) in which the entire class can break down into units to make a long film with full production values.


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