31 March 09

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Level II, Period One and Three —

Consider overarching class project…

Volunteers for Mr. Lyerly’s class

Work on finishing PSAs and developing one-minute commercials

Level I, Period Two —

Robert Flaherty’s 1922 film “Nanook” defined documentaries (before the word was in use for film) as “telling and interpreting” the story of his subject. His next film in 1925 “Moana” drew critics who defined his work as a “documentary” (using the word for the first time to describe a film) and said it was the “creative treatment of [reality].” Discussion the distinction (if there is one) between the terms… we’ll elaborate on this in class. And then consider the definitions of docuemtaries in light of “objectivity.” Do those tems illuminate and explain the documentaries we’ve watched in class. Do they qualify or disqualify any of those films as “documentaries.”


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