9 March 2009

We’ve got a new web presence, and you’ve got to play your role!

1. We’re on Facebook. Join in and add your image to level3productions.

2. We’re on YouTube. Let’s shoot and post at (guess what?) level3productions.

3. Don’t forget that the class has email now at jhslevel3productions@gmail.com, and you could bet that we’re going to be digging in as individuals in class to google.docs, google.reader, etc.

4. And  then there’s this: go and log in. We’ll discuss in class. Go to: http://mywebspiration.com/

Here, you must sign in and set up your personal account.

Level I – Period Two

Remember the template? What do you think this article means? Why is it important?

HEARD ON THE STREET, by Martin Peers
from The Wall Street Journal.

The most recent version of Firefox makes it much easier for Web surfers to
return to a site they’ve previously visited, and that is likely to reduce
the number of search queries per person over time.


Let’s discuss the meaning of the word “culture.” Read page 10 and 11 of textbook and make notes for a discussion.

1. What cultural events did you enjoy over the weekend?

2. Is there a cutlural affect that comes from reading books and newspapers that is different from watching TV? playing video games? YouTube?

3. Do you read articles on the WWW?

Finish the YouTube lecture…. “The History of You Tube”



Level Two, Periods One and Three

Here is an AV script writing template, Find it at our gmail site:



Issues to consider as you make your film: copyright:

Important news about YouTube videos made in class — http://www.youtube.com/t/howto_copyright

and this, too: http://www.videomaker.com/vidcast/155/

What does this mean to us: Spend the class experimenting with “Garage Band.” You don’t need instruments to create original soundtracks. I will assist, sort of.


4 March 2009

Level II, periods one and three —

1. Test

2. Pick up progress report

3. Work on finishing current film projects

Test for Level One, Period Two: You may highlight this test and paste it into a word document. You may copy and paste answers. Or, you may also find the test on the class gmail.com page. See Words to Pixels for gmail username and password. Then follow instructions after adding name, period and date.


Name ————————————-




Send answers to smallfilms@gmail.com

Mass Comm Test 4 March 2009 remember to find your answers in Words to Pixels, Where the Answers Lie.


  1. What is a news reader? Define. Example “Google Reader” is one.
    1. What does the news reader do?
    2. Name one other popular news reader, or news aggregator?
    3. What could you do with a news reader?
  2. Name three of first five sites on “Words to Pixels” blogroll.
  3. What is Full Frame?
    1. In what city does it take place?
  4. Name the six corporations that control the U.S. media
  5. What is “Scratch”?
  6. What college did Steve Jobs drop out of, and why?
  7. What is “surface computing”?
  8. Who said, “The basis of our governments being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”
  9. Did “Wall.E” win an Academy Award for Best Song?
  10. What is an MDS robot?
  11. Who is Nexi?
  12. What was the Whole Earth Catalog?
    1. Finish this phrase: “Stay hungry, stay…”
  13. Who is Rupert Murdoch?
  14. Who owns (hint – see 4 February 2009) most of National Geographic television?
  15. Besides being a free alternative to Microsoft Office, Google.docs allows you to do something “in real time” with your classmates. (see tutorial for answer)
  16. For 25 points — Set up a personal blog page on WordPress and type to URL here: ______________________________________________________
  17. For five bonus points, this test was easier to take on the Internet, true or false: ­_____________

2 or 3 March 2009


We have a class email account:

user name: JHSLevel3Productions

p/w: Jordanmasscomm

Opener —

Let’s use mass comm to feed the world again today – http://www.freerice.com — Five minute race to get the most vocabulary words for the most grains of rice.


What is Twitter, and why might it be more useful to students than Facebook?



Level II, Periods One and Three 

Monday or Tuesday – Handout “The ‘Grammar’ of Television and Film? Read and prepare for test Wednesday or Thursday.

Continue with film projects.


Level I, Period Two

New Tech — Cool software


Show it allows students to loan “stuff” to each other.

Now that we’ve worked at this notion of Mass Communication for eight weeks, how would you define it? Let’s arrive at a class definition of Mass Communication: