20 April 2009

Welcome home —

Have you talked about break with your teachers, periods two and three?

Did the rain make anyone blue?

Did the sun make you shine?

The first days were the best, or did the break get better as it went along?

Think for a moment: Tell me two or more things that you enjoyed most about the break?

Level I, Period Two –

Each day this week, we’ll spend reviewing the previous month’s work. Today is Monday, so it must be January

1 – Class ruleshttps://wordpixel.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/

How have things in changed in the class?

How can I improve these rules?

2 – Are you for sale? https://wordpixel.wordpress.com/2009/01/22/23-january-2009-%E2%80%93-lesson-plan%E2%80%A6-level-i-and-ii/

3 – The Template — relate to discussion about separating content from technique.

Lecture — The written word.

– Mass Communications begins with the written word.

– The importance of clarity.

– The problem of ideas… creativity. The second report period takes us from consumers of media to creators of media… Word and ideas are intermingled.

– This week we’re going to learn how to create and to write a treatment.

Level Two – Periods one and three


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