21 April 2009

New Media – Old Medium:

http://mediatedcultures.net/ksudigg/?p=206 and

Level One – Period Two:

Review the template…

What is a treatment … This one is for a music video.

Writing Video Treatments

At the beginning of every video project, there is a need to work with the production company to define a desired treatment. A video treatment, also known as video concept, outlines what the video is about:

•    A video treatment, for instance, could show the artist performing the song in front of a live audience or by itself;

•    alternatively, it could present a story line where certain situations and storytelling takes place.

•    Furthermore, it can also be an experimental exercise where random images are shown to complement the music in a more abstract way.

•    The treatment describes locations, situations, stories, images, look and feel, tone and color, pacing …A well written treatment is one that can successfully communicate complete ideas to artists.

The treatment is written to allow the production company to communicate its ideas to the artists, and it allows artists to make decisions regarding the direction of their video.


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