19 May 09

Here’s a good site description for Twitter:


How many people in the class use Twitter?


Level I, Period Two.


Literacy and the American Classic Cinema – Four eras over five days, with a test on Friday… “High Noon,” “Citizen Kane,” “Casablanca,” “On the Waterfront.”

Questions that appear on the “High Noon” handout:

  • Why does the marshal decide not to ride to safety with his new bride, but instead returns to the town to face trouble?
  • Why does the marshal’s wife decide to leave?
  • Why does Harvey the deputy decide to quit his job and turn in his badge?
  • What does the story tell us about Harvey, both through the Mexican woman and through Harvey’s own behavior in the bar, drinking?
  • What role does the Mexican woman play in defining the sheriff?
    • Through his deputy?
    • Through the new wife?
  • Why do the town’s people not support the marshal when he goes to the church seeking their support?
  • Is the marshal protecting the town, or is he protecting himself, knowing that he can’t outrun the evil outlaw and believing that he will find support in town, should it come to a fight?
  • What does the marshal’s behavior tell us about him as a character? Think of his reactions when he realizes that he is not going to get the support of the town.