25 August 2009

Welcome back from summer vacation!

You’re one semester closer to your future.

Level I, II, III —

This course is about media, particularly new media, which means that you must follow this course on-line: Here on this site.

Here are the rules and what is expected of you — plunk the magic “Rules in Class” tab!

I want to remember a few things as this year goes on… Don’t worry about being wrong, only be concerned that you are able to make a strong argument, something you can defend. In any case, check with me first to be on the safe side…

Here’s a little story about people who risked being wrong… and look at what they learned: http://is.gd/2x8dP

What would you guess are the top ten search terms used by teenagers — http://mashable.com/2009/08/12/youtube-kids-search/ — would they be “love,””football,” let’s make our list.

Here’s an interesting video to watch http://blogs.zdnet.com/collaboration/?p=828 — I’m going to hand out to you the article that accompanied the video… We’ll compare the video with the article and then discuss it. We’ll work in groups. And we’ll present our thoughts to class for further discussion….

One of our great focuses this year will be the “social web.” That means, facebook, YouTube, MySpace, etc. But we’re going to look at it a little differently. Let’s first talk about it. Then let’s watch this video. http://mediatedcultures.net/ksudigg/

Great new search engine for you to check outhttp://www.bing.com — I’d like for you to look it over tonight and to compare it to Google. Be prepared to answer these quiz questions —

1. How is it like Google?

2. How is it different from Google?

3. Devise a search based on his question, then tell me the differences each site offered. Or were they identical. Search for the answer to this question and tell me the terms you used and how you arranged the search: What is the most important lesson for high school students to learn before graduation? Bring in your favorites answer? From what site did you get it?

4. What two companies are working together to create bing?

5. Compare bing and google with cuil.com. Which gave you the best answers, the most interesting format? How do you pronounce cuil, in cuil.com?


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