Tuesday, 8 September 09

Welcome back —

Recall at the beginning of the year, I said that if man were a fish the last thing he would discover would be water, and that we are swimming in a sea of invisible media messages, inundated by media? (Inundated is a good SAT word.) Well, many of those messages are aimed at women, especially young women.

Have a look at this and let’s discuss – http://www.dove.us/?dl=/features/videos/default.aspx|cp-documentid=7049560&source=shareFacebook#/features/videos/default.aspx[cp-documentid=7049560]



  • How many ads like this have you seen aimed at young men?
  • Why are they aimed at young women?


Print this out — Technnology is making kids better writers..


Print this out — “Computers games may benefit students” — http://www.economist.com/sciencetechnology/displayStory.cfm?story_id=14350149

Tomorrow, September 9, 2009,  we’re going to watch the president make a speech to a joint session of Congress about health care. There is a great deal of build up and show — media magic — that goes into a speech like this. Let’s first read  about the “template.” Learning the template will be a tool you’ll use throughout the year.


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