Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Here’s a thousand dollars to anyone in Mass Comm who’s been paying attention:


Since we all use iTunes — something you might want to know:


This class, if you haven’t already noticed, is heavily aimed at technology —

Here are two blogs your should be following –



How long have I been blabbing about blogs? I stumbled on this yesterday, and I thought to share it. And when you’re done watching this, we’re going to create a blog community.


You hear me talking about social media all the time, but I’ve never given you a simple definition. Well, here you go. This is why facebook works:


Continuing on with our discussion about “Full-Metal Jacket,” let’s read from our text and discuss pages 28-29.

Now, to get past the issue before revisiting it later, let’s think about media and culture and see if we can explore the idea of good taste and bad taste… This reflects the work you did last week and you will do in the future as you work on film as literature and movie reviews. Turn to page 18 and read through to page 19. Let’s look at the cultural skyscraper and see if we can fill in our own version of high and low culture.

Level III —

Two blogs per week starting now… I would suggest that you blog about your Mass Comm experience, your film experience, the films you’ve seen, reviews of films, the technology of video, the dynamics of production.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN2I1pWXjXI — blogs in plain English

Go to the site wordpress.com to create blog… Follow the signs on the right to sign up now…

The blog situation... You are required to blog a minimum of twice each week. The official blog counting period began on September 7, which means that you must have completed and posted four blogs by the end of this week, September 14. Each week’s blog grade is based on a 10-point all-or-nothing scale: no blogs = zero; 1 blog = 50, etc. Your blogs will also be graded regularly on quality. I have yet to establish the interval, but I’m leaning toward a monthly measure, or sooner if progress reports dictate. Does that mean you can write one single blog — however brilliant — out of a monthly eight-pack and expect to get a 100 for quality? No. Without consistency, there is no such thing as quality. Luck, perhaps, but not quality. So by not blogging, you’re taking down two grades and digging yourself a hole.

I will list each blog that I’ve placed in my reader. To do that YOU MUST SEND YOUR BLOG’S URL TO SMALLFILMS@GMAIL.COM.

http://www.videomaker.com/video/ — video lighting for interviews


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  1. Referencing the iPod app moving issues: http://iphoneroot.com/tapsb/
    Very neat solution (requires jailbreak however)

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