Wednesday, 23 September 2009

What better way to start a Wednesday mass comm class than a sweet little rant about the future of dating!

Just to keep coming back to the same point… What is all this talk about social media? More gas? More glory? A better way to say, I love you?

We got it right when we said that there would be a battle over search engines when “bing” showed up with Google’s prom date; but here’s yet another bigger and more important brain-sucker that is heading downhill fast, about to boogie and splooge all over the World Wide Web. And this one could change the way you’ve become accustomed to nesting at your favorite net site. Let’s read and discuss. (You can’t keep the papers I’ve handed out, but you can have the URL for your studies) —

Turn to page 18 and read through to page 19. Let’s look at the cultural skyscraper and see if we can fill in our own version of high and low culture. We’ll try to figure out what it all means and where our favorites films, books, TV shows pop out and pop in … And maybe even where we fit in! Hey, what’s all this got to do with Mass Comm and Media Studies?

Let’s try to get a little further into the documentary “Guns, Germs and Steel,” compare it to “Sicko” and try to understand what the bearded wonder, Jared Diamond, is trying to lay on us.


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