Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Warmup: Seymour Papert is considered to be the father of of Artificial Intelligence and one of the great minds of the 20th century… watch to this brief comment:

Here’s another indication of the growing importance of social media:

Google Wave Launches Today, Redefining a Company, as well  as  On-line Communication

What is Google Wave?



Read this, too:

Yesterday we discussed ownership, copyright. Larry Lessig gave us a dull and hard to understand explanation of how the ownership game is being changed by technology. This presentation is a little more clear, with the help of Stephen Colbert:

And of course, this happened (surely at Colbert intended):

Of course, Lessig used YouTube:

Let’s consider copyright as a practical matter. Let’s go back into ancient history, 1984, and dredge up 2 Live Crew and the Song, “Pretty Woman.” Turn to page 550 of your tet and let’s read.

Three, two, one…

  • Three things that you’ve learned today
  • Two questions you still have about the subject
  • One statement about something you already know that connects or matches to something you learned today

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