Wednesday, 7 October 09


Recall, our discussion about how stunning, earth-quaking  change arose in the 16th century (or so): the Renaissance (art), the Elizabethans (literature), the Reformation (religion), Discovery (Columbus), spreading light over the Dark Ages? Here’s an academic presentation that says it was media, specifically the advent of movable type that democratized knowledge and made it all possible —

Incidentally, if you find this style of presentation as amusing as I do and your interested in trying it out for class projects where you may be locked into a power point, have a look at this site and download a “Prezi”:

Procedure– Generating ideas

Yesterday, Ben brought up a story about the FTC and blogging. NPR covered it in a podcast. Let’s listen

NPR – Laura Seidel

Laura Two

NPR has also been paying attention to social media. Here’s this:


Three, two, one…

  • Three things that you’ve learned today
  • Two questions you still have about the subject
  • One statement about something you already know that connects or matches to something you learned today

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