Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A development in the browser wars you should follow (also an idea with cool potential) “Google Social Search aims to make social networks more useful” –

File under: What is the World Coming To? Sane or not, you decide: “Live birth on Gannett-run social networking site” Could live coverage of executions be far behind?

Here’s an idea I’d be eager to try — your thoughts? Connecting students, teachers through social network”

Another way to waste time, or Pandora and more? Check it out: GETGLUE.COM

The Hollywood giant as popular documentarian, Martin Scorsese: an introduction to the film/video documentary

We’ll compare and discuss the technique in his film, “No Direction Home” with “Shine a Light.”

As you watch, consider what is the chief difference in his subject matter

What is the chief difference in his technique

Where does the director, Scorsese position himself vis-avis his subject; what role does his play?


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