9 December 2009

Photo of the day… A treasure hunt! Can you find where the light fixtures fell out of the ceiling because of leaking roofs in our wing? How many buckets are arranged in the picture to capture falling water? Can you spot the paint buckling from moisture and mold near the blue bucket? Do you know that when rain drips into the room it sounds like music and disrupts the class? Can you spot the black mold growing across the ceiling? Did you know black mold affects your lungs and may cause asthma? Can you see the leaching lead pipes hidden in the duct work? Did you know that lead is a neurotoxin and destroys cognition? Got ADD? Who can find the asbestos insulation? Could it be friable? Did you know asbestos causes a really nasty form of cancer called Mesothelioma? Try to locate which computer in the picture might be vulnerable to the leaks? What is its value? Can you name the model — G3, G5, eMac? Water is dripping on the gray storage cabinet; guess the value of the equipment (working and in need of repair) locked away inside the cabinet? Have fun! And don’t forget to congratulate school superintendent Dr. Carl Harris, who, ultimately, bears responsibility for these conditions. Now he’s gong to be superintendent of the whole nation, as our new Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education. Oh, and don’t forget to look up the word “superintendent” in your dictionaries.

Not to add to the irony of all this, but do you know that for the past two days the school system has spent hundreds of dollars to have the floors in this room waxed? And yet they have not found the funds to repair the classroom’s roof that’s been leaking for two years?

Here’s a little Android Open Source Software going cool…

Interesting vote on the Collaboratory! About a quarter of you like it, which is terrific. A little less than a third dislike it. That’s okay. What worries me is that about a half of you hate it, and hardly any of you have raised your hands to press me on how I can make the collaboratory understandable to you. Let’s talk about that. After the last lesson, did it become more clear? What is it about the collaboratory that you don’t understand? Have you been paying attention? (Uh, BTW,  only 13 members of the class voted. Duh.)

An enthusiastic fourth period Level I class decided that there might indeed be a better name for our Collaboratory than… Collaboratory. Credit goes first to Jack Walsh for the notion of a “web lab.” I’ll take credit for noting that BLOG was a contraction. Who was it that remembered that it was a contraction of Web Log? Props again to Jack Walsh. Then, big props to Kate Shaw and Stephon Dubose for recognizing we had a pun going, and thus a new name, pronounced, “We Blab.” Now I’d like to poll the class on how to spell it before we officially Christen it and introduce it to the world.



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  1. Sorry, but because I was trying to view it from school, I could not see the video posted on a media class blog.


    • Is that a drag or what!? There’s gotta be a solution. Let’s see… If you’re not scared (I notice that you call yourself Anne O’noymous), come to me. I will take the problem to Ms. Maynor in the Media Center and try to get you privileges. Here’s the good news. Two things. First, you can view this stuff on your own computer. In fact, that’s the design: I show you the videos in class and then you review them at home. Truth is that the videos are not that important in most cases. Although sometimes they are. And they’re great study tools. Fun. I’m so sorry this happened. In a better world it won’t. Or would not.

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