11 December 2009

Photo of the Day! Friiiiidaaaaayyyyy!!!! “Still life of My Life”

(ah shoulda croppah’d’toppah!)

Here’s an interesting story… everything that’s been made useless, obsolete, since the year 2000


Here’s a site that those of you working on privacy and individuality should consider —


As well, the privacy/individuality people should be aware that CNBC recently did a major report on Google  that examines the company’s ability to monitor our private lives, as well as the dangers associated with Google’s reach, particularly in light of the governmental powers invokable through the Patriot Act. Ironically, you should use Google to find the article: search “CNBC “+ “privacy “to view the program or, alternatively, go to CNBC’s site and search for the show.

What I owe you:

1. A working definition of a primary source.

2. Rubric of expecations for your weBLAB assignments

What you owe me! What you owe me! What you owe me! What you owe me! What you owe me!

1. Two more blogs this week. Yes, stand and deliver!

2. 15 minutes of your time over the weekend to try to pull in sources for your weBLABS. Yes. You must!!!

3. A list and description of the “plot points” in “Gladiator.”

Marissa Mayer


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