14 December 2009

Photo of the Day

Big Brother is Watching You!

What’s next for Google? Here are the key points — which really start at about 1.09 into the film — Marissa Mayer makes in this video:

1. Google aims to create a universal search engine, looking not just at web sites but more broadly at books, video, images, news… Now, they already have this; the difference may be in the way they put it all together.

2. Video remains the big challenge. For now, she says, tagging is the key to find material you’re searching for. The dream is to search images. The reality, in the long run, she says, will be converting video  to text, which will add information and make a more searchable. What is wrong with her logic? The answer lies in what we’ve leraned about the phrase “The Medium is the message.” Real videos may not have scripts, dialogue, conversation, commentary. The video/film/TV medium relies on pictures to tell its story, hence less reliance on text. Text will not be the answer to Google’s video searching problem.

3. What is the long-term future of Google search? she’s asked. She replies that Google aims to blend results in order to provide the best answers and not the top ten URLs. That’s big. Beyond that, she talked about using voice-over-phone to do searches. Call in your questions! She also talked about search-and-translation, noting that only one percent of Arabic speakers can search the web, which is made up largely of English language sites and Euro-language sites… And then there is China!


The Comcast Deal and the Accumulation of Power… Once there were six media giants and now there are five. Comcast swallowed GE. Do you think that makes you better informed or more likely to listen to Glenn Beck?

http://www.google.com/ig?refresh=1#max117 or


Let’s put a face on it — Is this the real face of Big Brother?


No one thinks about Foley and film, but movies are built on sound and sound effects.


Here’s more information about the new facebook privacy changes?


Privacy seems to be a huge issue right now —



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