12 January 2010

In the late 1960s, college students had a saying: “Don’t trust anyone over 30.” Today, teens might agree and add, “don’t trust anyone anyone who won’t YouTube.” Or something like that. What we’re talking about is digital natives. What I call, “Generation Gadget.”


People really worried that all this technology is affecting your brain. Dr. Gary Small is the director of UCLA’s Memory and Aging Research Center.


Or that you’ll miss out on the things in life that really matter…


But maybe all this hardware, software and multitasking are NECESSARY!


Of course, we can’t forget this guy from yesterday…


And maybe there’s some truth to it…


Maybe in the digital brain, music is the new silence:


Et tu, Teens?


And what do the smartest kids in the country have to say about this?


Then what is school?


From my point of view — language is changing, as this clips suggests. But does that mean it is changing for the worse?


Here’s what you want to take away from all this, the key — “THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE.”


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