Tuesday, 16 February 2010

There are three (four?) projects before us:

1. Making “Student X” famous, by advertising, marketing and selling a song written and performed by his/her band. Proceeds from the sales we generate will be distributed three ways:  10 percent to the class (back office), 40 percent to the artist, and 50 percent to Mass Comm to purchase new equipment (capital investment). Or, that’s the plan, at least.

2. We are going to begin our own study of YouTube, in line with the work of Prof. Mike Wesch. His lecture is important to review and study: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPAO-lZ4_hU.  Our goal, today, on the first day of this study, is to answer some “numbers” and “facts” questions about YouTube: I want to know the names of its founders; the year it was founded; the number of videos currently playing on YouTube; the number of videos uploaded each day; the number of videos taken down each day; and a list of the ten top individuals appearing on YouTube since January of 2010. Referring to the Wesch video, you must decide within your groups, what aspect of YouTube you wish to follow, study and analyze. I will assign study areas to those groups that fail to approach the study seriously, or who have difficulty on deciding on a study area.

How will we do this? Collaboratively. You will work in groups, and I will assign you computers. Each group is to use Google.docs so that they can access their page from this class, the media center or from home, as you study and make notes on YouTube.

3. I want you each of you to introduce yourself on YouTube. I will first instuct you in making an iMovie. Take notes. You will be adding at least vlog a week to your personal collection. To help you think through this project, I want you to ask yourself: Do you wish to use your own first name; do you wish to create a real character; how will you develop your audience; what do you want to say about this “persona” you are devising for YouTube?

4. In turn, as I call you up, each of you will sign into your blog page and register.


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