Thursday, 18 February 2010

Let’s begin by watching Sydney and Victoria’s introduction to YouTube.

Yesterday, we succeeded in making progress toward a complete, collaborative tool. All of our classmates, except Mr. Schreyack, have created gmail accounts and joined/were invited into their group’s .doc collaboration. (Joe, let me know if you have been invited or you need my help.)

Further, some of us actually began our research. Signing on to YouTube remains a problem, and I will deal with that on a case-by-case basis. But as I told you yesterday, by working at home, you can overcome the problem with just 15 minutes of homework time, while multiplying your work output by the number of contributors in your group who join the collaborative effort.

Today, we are going to “level” the classroom, and use our collaborative tools to tear down the walls. Your assignment today is to expand your project by inviting friends to comment (intelligently, maturely) on their YouTube experiences and impressions, offering you their favoriate sites, posts they’ve uploaded, information about how frequently they use YouTube, and whether they use it for learning and research — watching videos on how to build quarter pipes or do yo-yo tricks, etc.

Next, you will be expected to find experts to comment on YouTube. For instance, you might write a letter to Mike Wesch’s anthropology class, which studies YouTube, and invite them to your .doc page for comments. That will require an email explaining your project, your purpose and a polite appeal for help. Your work need not be limited to Wesch. There are lots of experts, professors and “thinkers/bloggers” you will be expected to contact for comments. Remember, the purpose is for you to bring smart outsiders in to join your collaboration. For now, I will expect you to identify at least 10 outsiders who are participating with your group.

Finally, I will ask Luke and Reed to join in Level3productions YouTube effort by creating a brief vlog for YouTube.


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