Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Real improvement in weBLABs. Let’s go over each one, but first let’s try to figure out why Evan Turner’s group is meeting with success.

What makes YouTube tick?

1. Viral videos

2. Characters

3. Advice

4. How-to videos

5. Tutoring — Khan Academy

6. Fight videos

7. Accident videos

8. Booty calls

9. Musicians

10. How does YT deal with 9/11

What do these things tells us about ourselves as a people and as a nation? What if you placed certain videos against a timeline? Do they reveal something about the modern world, our changing psychology? Why would people speak to their computers and not to their friends, or do they sense their audience? Remember YouTube’s slogan: “Broadcast yourself.” Think of it, nothing quite like this has ever happened in American society, or anywhere else for that matter.

Advice for the lost — how to reach experts.


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