Mass Comm Who?

What’s Mass Comm all about? What makes it important? And how pervasive are these questions; how big is the media? Click this chart:


To borrow from the Public Broadcasting Network’s teacher’s guide, “Traditional literacy is the ability to understand, analyze, and use print to communicate. Media literacy adds the ability to apply these skills to images, sound, and multimedia formats.” That’s the idea: We’re going from words to pixels. It may sound complicated, but it’s not. Think about this: by studying mass communications, we  learn to understand how to create and to evaluate knowledge. After all, we live in world of cables, networks, LANs, WANs,Webs, Wikis, web video, viral video, embedded video ads, web-based VOD, broadband television, diavlogs, vcasts, vlogs, video podcasts, mobisodes, webisodes, mashups. Maybe there’s just too much of it, too many choices. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether you’re using media or media is using you. Somehow, you’ve got to gain control. Welcome to Mass Comm.

So here’s the deal. Mass Comm takes media literacy into a more practical hands-on realm. Unlike most high school course curricula, the Mass Comm curriculum serves as both a vocational and professional platform for students. That’s unique. For that reason, the three (or four) levels of the course have been arranged along the lines of a business. Students entering this course, enter into a “production company” known as “Level Three Productions.” They begin at Level I, which engages the students as incoming trainees, on an academic track to develop the tools they will need to understand, analyze, create and communicate through a variety of media; Level II might be thought of as an apprenticeship, where students get an active hands-on introduction to Mass Communications; Level III A and B are the culmination of these efforts into a full-fledged production company, known even now as “Level Three Productions.”


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