8 December 2009

Photo of the day —

Name the secret location; take the poll!

For the sake of reference, here’s the image of our whiteboard on which the project and the notion of a collaboratory was described.

Click on the image below to expand it:

Here is an additional approach to the collaboratory:

Each item I show you today appeared on YouTube. Other, maybe better, tutorials are available. For instance, in the case of Webspiration, which is a little further down our list, there’s a tutorial that show’s you how to turn Webspiration into a web page, which might be a way for you to solve three problems at once: employing a tool for collaboration; conceiving and developing your porject; and, finally, producing a presentation for the class.

Still another approach you might want to consider is creating a website, which is not as freaky as it sounds, especially if you use Google sites:

Finally, here’s one of my favorite tools for developing ideas, Webspiration, at mywebspiration.com

Some key questions you will answer in your groups and hand in to me at the end of class:

1. Consider the collaborative tools I’ve shown you. Does it matter which one you choose for your project?

2. Does your project more easily lend itself to one of these collaborative tools?

3. Now consider how you are going to present this collaboration to me — try to give me a sense of what it will look like — a research paper? a design for a video with an accompanying video?

Here’s an item for those of you pawing over the problem of virtual war –



A Day That Will Live in Infamy – 7 December 2009

Monday’s photo of the day —

Dr. Mims after watching a story about Geoff Canada on CBS’s “60 Minutes” at http://bit.ly/5AYK89

Now this:

“The Internet surrounds us like air, saturating our offices and our homes. But it’s not confined to the ether. You can touch it. You can map it. And you can photograph it. Here are five postcards from the journey of a single bit, as data flashes from sea to wired sea. (Wired.com)”

Now have a look at it: http://bit.ly/6Cqktw

Here’s a great example of a collaboratory in action.


Here a suggestion for a web-space (or platform, whichever word you choose) where you may collaborate on your project…


Here’s a bold way to collaborate — create your own social network, like facebook!


Also, some interesting thoughts about who we’re really talking to on facebook —