26 January 2009

There will be a short quiz on Friday. Please review the study guide by clicking the tab at the top of this page.

The lesson plans for Level I and Level II will remain the same throughout this week. After that, or soon after that, Level II will move on to production for the first report period and distribution in the second report period. Recall, the  purpose of merging Level I and Level II for now is to acquaint Level II with the wider meaning of Mass Communication,  to make clear the significance and breadth of the mass media.


Discuss Final Film for last semester. And/or alternatively, if the system does not support it, discuss —


1. How do you feel about Iran after seeing this film?

2. What did the “crawls” say about the writer?

3. Has this film changed your views of Iran?

4. What if I told you Baghdad was more modern than the Iran pictured here before the war on Saddam Hussein?

5. What was wrong with the images we saw?

6. Weapons of Mass Destruction and George Bush —

Sunni/Shiite, nuclear, terrorist support, Hezbollah — The role and responsibility of research

Key to Mass Comm: The Template

o – “If man were a fish, the last thing he would discover would be water.” If applied to the media, as we discussed last week, how would this statement/aphorism help us to determined truth from fiction, reality from illusion, bias from candor when we are saturated by media? Discuss

o – Discuss the elements of the template: describe, interpret, analyze, evaluate… research each element…

– The class will be divided into different parts and each assinged one of these elements of description, interpretation, etc. as we review the following video:


Sites to be aware of:

48 hour film project — Watch some films; read the rules; get the concept. Discuss


Current — How is this site different from YouTube?



History of Mass Communication through the study of key figures:

Who is Tim Berners-Lee: