In Camera

Composition —

  • Watch view finder
  • Fill view finder
  • heads to top
  • think in thirds, see frame in thirds, compose
  • Order —
  • Establishing shot
  • Medium shot
  • Close Shot
  • Close-up
  • Use multiple angles —
  • POV, RA, LA, HA, AA
  • Camera moves — pans, tilts, zooms — focuses viewer, reveals subject creates interest
  • Don’t hold shots, editor cuts quickly and on action, rarely more than five or six seconds
  • Our cameras cannot shoot into the light, unless you use it for effect and slowly zoom to reveal subject
  • Us multiple angles to edit
  • Remember to think about how your “shoot” will look when it comes time to edit it.
  • When you hear the director say “Cut” let the camera run a moment.
  • When you are in a room, be quiet and let the camera run for 10 second to collect “room tone.”



12 Responses

  1. Quick Question: What is the difference between the Internet and World Wide Web. Which came first? What format will this quiz be in.

    • The Internet is a network of computers, all wired together to share information, kind of like a phone network. It was built 50 years ago by the Department of Defense.

      The World Wide Web came into existence in the early 1990s. A creation of Tim Berners-Lee, it took information that was on the Internet’s computers and made it more easily accessible, turning information into “pages” that were “linked” together. The WWW is a visual tool that makes Internet information available through a Web browser: Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome, of Firefox. Does that help?

  2. If you could review the quiz in class, more specifically the important people we discussed.

    • Will do in class before we take quiz!

    • Yes, I will. You can check the site’s “Home” tab for information, and the study guide to prepare the test. We’ll discuss the quiz and you can raise question in class Friday.

  3. Period 2 class

    Mr. Shear, we didn’t get to discuss about the person who invented the one laptop per child program and the MIT and it would also help if you could tell us what will be on the quiz.

  4. What is the “Merchants of Cool” and a “cool hunt” about? I don’t think I was in the class at the time…

    • That’s why everything that happens in class is on the “Home” page. No secrets. No muss. No fuss. No worries. It won’t be on the test.

  5. Hey, i am very confsued about what material will be on the test because i have scanned your bolg multiple times and i am still very confused. Please email me back at

    Dick Owen

    • I suggest that the will bring you clarity. Simply refer to the “Rules in Class” tab, where it says in bold face: “Everyday, students are required to bring their current assignment, pens, pencils, and a two inch, three-ring binder with lined 8 ½ x 11 notebook paper. I want students to be prepared to take notes.” Now is the time to refer to your notes. And “scanning” the test prep is not studying the test prep. Perhaps studying will help. Or creating the worksheet, as is twice suggest suggested in the test prep. The idea is to study the material. On the other hand, I noticed that you slept through the test review today — after I moved your seat for disrupting the class — so please hold any questions you have about the test for your dreams.

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