Let’s Get Started!

Mass Comm
Mr. Shear
(919) 560-3912 extension 12752
Room 216

Always check the blog for information about the class: wordpixel.wordpress.com

Materials Required: Everyday, students are required to bring their current assignment, pens, pencils, and a two inch, three ring binder with lined 8 ½ x 11 notebook paper. I want students to be prepared to take notes.

Classroom Procedures:
Please, I don’t want to see your cell phone. If I do, I will ask you to hand it over, and I will return cells after class. Sorry. Respect me; I respect you. You can’t eat or chew gum in my class if you do not use the trash. Books and school property are precious in Durham Schools, and if they are damaged, I will write you up. Please raise your hands to make a comment. Please use proper manners: “Please” are “thank you” count toward your final grade, as well as your success in life. I do not respond to calling out. Respect me; I respect you.

1. Students are to enter the classroom quietly and immediately go to their desk and be seated. Please, prepare for a warm-up discussion, which will be on the board or on the computer projector, in clear sight. If not, wait for me to begin.
2. Students not in their seat when I bring the class to order will be warned and then marked tardy. That may mean a lunch detention with me, if  put on notice. There is to be ino touching in class. Keep your hands to yourself. If you need to sleep, there’s a cot in the main office.
3. Any student tardy more than three times gets a warning. Next Move is a call to caregivers.
4. Once students have finished their work, they will sit quietly until I begin another activity.
5. Students are not permitted out of their desks at anytime unless they have been given permission.
6. Have a drink of water before you come to class, please. Use the bathroom, too.
5.  Hall passes will be given in emergency situations.

Grading System:

Tests, quizzes, papers, reviews, camera work, edits, distribution, keeping deadlines, etc. all count. A quiz could be as important as a test, depending on the circumstance. Every day you appear in this class counts toward your report grade. Often times, there is no right answer to questions in Mass Comm, only a strong, well defended argument. Mass Comm is the art of information and persuasion.
Make-Up Policy: You can make up work anytime, but I’m busy. It’s your responsibility to remind me to mark the work and to record the grade. If there’s no grade recorded, I will assume you never handed in the work. Each day you miss a deadline, you sacrifice five points. If you are absent, and you can remember the date, I will check the attendance page, and then either give you a make-up (no points off), or an exemption.